KR Anuva (Padishah x DSA Ankara x Karat), born 2013.

KR Anuva was born at Kres Arabians 2013 and she is a breathtaking and stunning mare. She has a great pedigree to combine with more modern russian stallions and she got a flattering speciel color. -And she is a very kind soul.

Anuva's sire is Padishah. Padishah got titles as: European res. Champion, World Top Ten Stallion, Champion Stallion Holland and Supreme Champion/Gold Ribbon Aachen. Padishah is born at Tersk later sold to Sabine & Dominique Akel, Cedar Oak Arabians, France. He was also a very nice performance horse.

Padishah is by Drug. Drug was born and owned by Tersk and got titles as Derby Winner 1988, European Racehorse - and European Champion in the Showring 1990. He was later sold til Kossack Stud and after that exported to United Arab Emirates.

Padishah's dam Purga also got good results on the racetrack. She is by Gwizd, who was bred by Michalów Poland, and Breeding Stallion in Russia, USA & Belgium. Gwizd has left the world with excellent offspring - among them European & World res. Champion Karaganda, Champion Mare Magdalina, and Tersk Stallion Negasimyi.

KR Anuvas dam DSA Ankara was in 2012 exported to Kres Arabians, Denmark from Sabine and Dominique - Cedar Oak, France.

DSA Ankara's sire Karat is bred by Tersk in Russia. He is raced with very good results. He is winner of the following races: Russian Derby 1996, the Budjonny Prize, Comparison, Elite Prize, Parting Prize, Friendship of People Prize, the HobbsMelville and with the record: 4/27(10-5-6)7-0. Also Karat was Chief Sire at Tersk Stud and in the showring he did also very well. He got the title: Dutch National Champion Stallion.

Karat is by Aromat, who was also bred and owned by Tersk Stud, Russia were he was Chief Sire. He is raced with good results and the record: 2/14(3-1-1).

Kaluga, the dam of Karat, is also bred by Tersk, Russia and also raced. She was sold and exported to Kossack Stud in the netherlands, from where she was sold on Tersk/Holland Sale. She was sold to Sabine and Dominique Akel, France. Here she lived here the rest of her life, until she left this world in 2008.