We proudly present and welcome: TIBET

Tibet (Kubinec x Nikita x Narav Ibn Aswan) has today arrived to Kres Arabians, from Bérengère Fayt, Faber Arabians, Belgium.
THANK YOU, Bérengère – for letting Tibet go to us.

Tibet fit so perfectly to our mares, and we just can’t wait to breed our mares in 2020. Tibet has had an impressive dressage-career, and sired a lot of wonderfull performance-offsprings who has also achieved great results both in riding and in the showring. Tibet is a perfect stallion for us to meet our breeding goals.

Bérengère Fayt, Faber Arabians, Belgium stay the exclusive dealer for frozen semen through Europe and Kres Arabians will welcome your mare in Denmark, with fresh, and chilled semen.

Find Tibet’s own page here..


This weekend KR Anuva participated in DM – dressage for Arabians 2019, at Broholm Slot in Denmark. KR Anuva was placed as nr. 8, only 6 years old – The eqiupage did so VERY well. I’m so proud of both of them – CONGRATULATIONS


Im so happy to announce the perfect match. A HUGE congratulation to Silja Lichterstein and family with the purchase of KR Anzor.
Silja fell in love with KR Anzor very early after he was born.
?? Congratulation again ??


KR Vasya has foaled has foaled with the most beautiful filly by MM Sultan. KR Valiyah will stay on Kres Arabians as a future riding horse and breeding mare.


Baykovka has foaled with the most beautyful filly from Massimo Ibn Mirokan on the 14th. of April.
We just adore her – Welcome to the world sweet Banaya


CNC Maverick is sold to Shafeeq Akhtar from Norway – Congratulations, Shafeeq


Finally he is here.. The 30th. of June 2018 KR Anuva gave birth to KR Anzor.

He is FANTASTIC and all what I have dreamt of from this combination.

He has a stunning body, neck and show-attitude that takes your breath away. (Photos from when he was 6 weeks old)

KR Anzor (MM Sultan x KR Anuva x Padishah)



I’m pleased to announce that also CNC Louk (Kaisson x LouLou MA x AF Esquire) will come to Kres Arabians from CNC Arabians in January 2019. He is just born in late Juli.

Foalpictures are kindly lent from and used with permission from CNC Arabians.




Im so happy to announce that KR Vasya (Massimo Ibn Mirokan x Vafa Aasa x Abakan) is in foal with MM Sultan (Kubay Khan x Alaska QQ x Vatican) for 2019. She is due late in May/beginning of June 2019.


Im so happy to announce that Baykovka (MM Sultan x Arapka Kossack x Drug) is in foal with Massimo Ibn Mirokan (Mirokan x Marenga x Menes) for 2019. She is due mid April 2019.



I’m so pleased to announce that we have purchased CNC Maverick (A.F. Acapulco x Magnoliah x Kais) from CNC Arabians summer 2017.

He is now arrived at Kres Arabians February 2018.

Foalpictures are kindly lent and used with permission from CNC Arabians – new  pictures will come as soon as possible.

More information about Maverick here


In the beginning of december last year, we welcomed Baykovka (MM Sultan x Arapka Kossack) to Kres Arabians.
She has settled so easy and fast and she is just so sweet in everyday life.

Find Baykovka’s own page here

The news drawned a bit in the cirumstances with Vafa Aasa who past away 14 days ago.

Also good news regarding CNC Maverick (A.F. Acapulco x Magnoliah) – he will arrive, a bit delayed, in the beginning of february 2018.

Find Mavericks own page here


Last week was a devastating week for us – since we lost Vafa Aasa (Abakan x Vinea x Nadir I)

Vafa Aasa came to Kres Arabians in 2012 when she was 16 years old – I am forever grateful to Majbritt Ørnstedt (ML ARAB) for introducing us to Sabine Akel and Dominique Akel, and forever grateful to Cedar Oak Arabians, for letting go of this amazing mare. (Vafa Aasa was owned by Cedar Oak, when we first met.)

We have handled up and downs with Vafa over the last couple of years – that has now come to an end.

Vafa Aasa was our queen – the whole family loved her so much and it’s so hard to accept that she is not among us anylonger.

“My dear, you are – and will forever be – so much missed..”

At Kres Arabians we are fortunate to have two offspring from Vafa Aasa: KR Vasya and KR Vanechka by Massimo Ibn Mirokan


Welcome to the world Maaemo. 🙂

Congratulation to his owner Anna Sterner Sjödin. Maaemo is by Massimo Ibn Mirokan and out of KR Anuva (Padishah x DSA Ankara x Karat)


We have lost DSA Ankara (Karat x Angelika x Mascat).

Ankara was among the mares we imported in 2012 from Sabine and Dominique Akel – Cedar Oak, France.

Ankara has got one offspring with us – KR Anuva by Padishah. KR Anuva will continue Ankara’s lines here with us.

We will meet again Ankara…


It is with great pleasure that we today congratulate Mari Sundström Lantz with the purchase of KR Kaltan.

Mari is also the owner of KR Kaltan’s offspring KR Pamir. I’m proud and honoured to send you those two fine horses and I hope they both will fulfill all your expectations in both riding and breeding.

Again, congratulations on KR Kaltan, Mari – We wish all the best to you…


Congratulation to Anna Sterner Sjödin – with the purchase of Palmyra (Padishah x Pobeda x Balaton)

Anna will use Palmyra is her riding-horse and she will in the future start breeding with her. We wish you all the best – take really good care of this Jewel, Anna – she is everything you can ask for in a russian mare – and more..


We have lost Alaska QQ (Vatican x Antarctika x Neapol)

Alaska was very very special.
The whole family loved her – and our barn will never again be the same without her.

We will meet again, sweet sweet Alaska …


We are not always in control of everything that happens – and external circumstances are the reason for Louise to bring back KR Kaltan to us.

We had great hopes and expectations for this equipage, but will wish Louise all the best for her future..


Vafa Aasa and Massimo Ibn Mirokan (Mirokan x Marenga x Menes) has done it again – Tuesday 21th of June in the evening late, we recieved a wonderful filly – Fullsister to KR Vasya.. WE ARE OVER THE MOON with her. KR Vanechka is born 3 weeks too early and we had a hard beginning – but now we all believe in her.. Welcome to the world KR Vanechka..


We are so happy to announce that KR Anuva is in foal for 2017 to Massimo Ibn Mirokan. KR Anuva is on lease to Anna Sjodin – Congrats Anna..


We are so very happy and proud to announce that KR Pamir (KR Kaltan x Palmyra x Padishah) is sold to Mari Sundström Lantz in Sweden.
We are looking forward to follow you in the future with all your plans for KR Pamir in both competition and breeding, and until KR Pamir is ready to travel to his new home end summer 2016 – we will take really good care of him.
Next chapter in this new adventure is beginning now, Mari – We feel so honored and privileged that you want to share this journey with us – THANKS


KR Pamir (KR Kaltan x Palmyra x Padishah)

Sunday evening Palmyra gave birth to a Stunning colt by KR Kaltan.

We are over the moon by this little colt..


KR Kaltan is sold to Louise Hansen as her new ridinghorse. To give him the best possibilities as a ridinghorse KR Kaltan was gelded before he was sold.

We did collect frozen semen from him to our own use in the future, before he was gelded. Becourse of that KR Kaltan is still to be found in the menu under ”KR Kaltan”.


We are very proud and happy to announce that KR Anuva will be on lease to Anna Sterner Sjödin, Sweden for 2016/2017.

KR Anuva will be bred to KR Kaltan. Anna was here to see KR Argun in the first place, and the visit ended up with Anna buying KR Argun and falling in love with KR Anuva also.

We are so excited to see the result of this combination in 2017 – the best of luck to you, Anna. KR Anuva will stay at Kres Arabians – during the leasingperiod.


Last weekend Anna Sterner Sjödin and her family visited us from Sweden to see and purchase KR Argun (Duval x Alaska QQx Vatican).

KR Argun will stay with us for a while – Spring 2016 he will travel to his new home in Sweden.