KR Valiya (MM Sultan x KR Vasya x Massimo Ibn Mirokan), born 2019.

KR Valiya was born at Kres Arabians in 2019 and we feel so lucky to recieve such a stunning filly from KR Vasya. She has the sweetest character like her dam, great type, perfect body with especially a beautiful neck and mild mild eyes to mention. We are excited to keep KR Valiya at stud for future breeding and riding.

She is sired by MM Sultan.

She is out of KR Vasya. KR Vasya is breed by Kres Arabians in 2015 and Vasya was raised, ridden and got 2 wonderfull foals at Kres Arabians untill she was sold in 2021.

KR Vasya is sired by Massimo Ibn Mirokan who has lots of succesful offsprings in europe - both in the showring, in performance as in bredding aswell. Massimo Ibn Mirokan is brother via Mirokan and close related to KR Mashokan Ibn Mirokan also via dam-line (Marenga), who was bred by Kres Arabians in 2006. -And therefor it is extra special for us to use Massimo Ibn Mirokan in our programme. Massimo Ibn Mirokan was owned by SAX ARABIANS for many years but in 2009 sold to Davidson Arabians - from where he is still active. Show records among others: Junior Champion, International, Amateur show Kevelaer, Tyskland - classwinner & Junior Champion, International C-show, Strohen, Tyskland - 2th. Arabica Schotten, Tyskland - 3th. International B-show, (Deurne) Holland - 3th. German Nationals, Neustadt-Dosse, Tyskland - 3th. National C-show Arabica, Frankfurt, Tyskland - Silver ribbon, Stallion Licensing show, Aachen, Tyskland - 3th. National show, Denmark (Billund).

Massimo Ibn Mirokan is by Mirokan. Mirokan is Champion Stallion & Gold Ribbon Stallion - he was one of the leading stallions in SAX Arabians in Germany for many years and has bred countless beautiful Show Champions. Mirokan is after Mirok Monpelou - in addition to being European Champion and German National Champion, is also Champion in Switzerland, Italy and the United States. He has besides in Europe, also offsprings in the US. Mirok Monpelou is by Vatican - one of the best racehorses ever in Russia, and later the National res. Champion in Showring.

Marenga is a legend - one of the most amazing broodmares SAX ARABIANS had - one of the finest Menes daughters and mother to countless first-class offspring. Marenga has recieved incredibly great results in the show ring, and among other titles earned: European Junior Champion, German National Junior Champion, European res. Senior Champion etc.

KR Vasya's dam Vafa Aasa is imported to Kres Arabians, Denmark in the age of 16 years old, from Cedar Oak, France in 2012. Vafa Aasa is a fantastic mare and a very steady producer.

Vafa Aasa's sire is Abakan, National Champion of Holland & Top Ten World Champion Stallion. He is one of the most successful sons of European & National Champion Balaton, and is the sire of many International and National Champions.

Vafa Aasa's dam - Vinea is bred by Silvia Garde-Ehlert, Germany and by Nadir I.