Baykovka (MM Sultan x Arapka Kossack x Drug), born 2006.

Baykovka is a typical Straight Russian Mare - the old fasion type – very good and strong body (deep chest and a very good motor on the behind). She is born in 2006 and out of the Tersk state stud – Russia’s damline "Sahara". Baykovka is out of CA free parents and she was bought to Kres Arabians late in 2017.

Baykovka was imported into Denmark as a foal of Nikoline Nielsen.

Baykovka is 153 cm. and she looks a lot like her granddam Alaska QQ, which we unfortunately lost in 2016.

Baykovka's father MM Sultan is ELITE Stallion - Multi Show Champion and was a breeding stallion at Arabian Fantasy in the Nederlands from which he was sold to Davidson Arab in 2014. MM Sultan has lifetime breeding license for Shagya, Anglos & Partbreds along with his ELITE status.

MM Sultan's father - Kubay Khan is also Multi Show Champion, and has been chief sire of several large Studs in Europe.

Kubay Khan's father Kubinec - World and European Champion ect. - THE most successful Straight Russian Stallion for breeding and show until now.

Alaska QQ, the dam of MM Sultan was breeding mare in the Nederlands with offsprings as wide as in Kuwait and Sweden. She is by Vatican - one of the best Russian racing horses ever and also Show Champion.

Baykovka's dam is Arapka Kossack - Breeding mare in the Netherlands, which has also been used for performance/dressage.

Arapka Kossack's father Drug was born and owned by Tersk and got titles as Derby Winner 1988, European Racehorse - and European Champion in the Showring 1990. He was later sold to Kossack Stud and after that exported to United Arab Emirates.

Angelika (Mascat x Naturshitsa) who is the dam of Arapka Kossack, was a successful race horse and breeding mare on Tersk state stud - Russia, Kossack Stud in Holland and Cedar Oak Arabians in France. She was the dam of bla. Aparan, Atican (breeding Stallion in the United States) and to DSA Ankara - DSA Ankara is the mother of KR Anuva. Find KR Anuva here on Kres Arabians.